This track investigates forms of subjectivation of migrant labour in relation to contemporary Italian agribusiness and their genealogies. It argues that the trajectories and experiences of migrants employed in Italy’s agro-industrial sector, and of those who attend to their reproductive needs, can only be understood by reference to a composite assemblage created at the intersection between the operations of global supply chains, on the one hand, and multiple dispositifs of mobility control, gendering and racialisation on the other. Whilst these two sets of processes are connected, they cannot be reduced to one another, nor, however, can they be seen as totalising and all-encompassing forms of command and control, for they are ever-incomplete and transgressed in various ways. At the same time, this line of research unravels the complex tangles which relate both those operations and dispositifs to past dynamics, highlighting the ways in which the latter haunt the present.


Irene Peano

I work on migrant labour and its reproduction in contemporary Italy’s agro-industrial districts, investigating forms of containment, discipline, fragmentation and differential inclusion, and resistance to them. Legal, spatial, racialising and gendering dispositifs, their genealogies in colonial and modernising projects carried out by the Italian state, and their contemporary afterlives are among the main themes of my research.

Associate Researchers

Seth Holmes

Kishor Subba Limbu


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Conferences and seminars

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