The colonization of southern Angola with Madeiran settlers from 1884-5 was both an attempt to re-route outmigration into frontier settlements claimed by the Portuguese government, as argued in the Bastos’ article Migrants, Settlers and Colonists: The Biopolitics of Displaced Bodies and a shift from the failed attempts to recreate in Angola the plantation economy that once flourished in Brazil. In this research track, we will address the colonial settlements of Southern Angola and the parallel development of a plantation society in São Tomé.


Marta Macedo

Marta’s work will address the circulation of plantation knowledge and practices between Brazil and West Africa; it will study cocoa plantations and their relationship with the changing colonial and racial repertoires that emerged in the post-slavery Atlantic World from 1850 to World War I. The research weaves together different local stories (Angola, Brazil, São Tomé, Belgium Congo, German Cameroons and the UK and US chocolate factories) revealing the entangled imperial geographies developed around a specific commodity. Stressing the impossibility of drawing definitive lines between the social and material world, it focuses on how technology, in its codified practices to measure and increase plant and labour productivity, was essential in making, sustaining and exporting both the exploitative ecological system and the brutal racialized social order of these plantations. Together these case studies will also allow exploring the role of the modern plantation regimes that flourished in the abolition aftermath in the construction of 19th-century capitalism.

Cristiana Bastos

Bastos will continue her previous work (2008, 2009, 2011) on the Madeiran migration to Angola, the experience of settlement in the plateau against all odds, the intergenerational production of a memory of frontier colonization, and the dynamics of racialization in Angolan settlements and remigration contexts.

Isabel Noronha

Advisory board

Tiago Saraiva

Ann Stoler


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Other events

Noite Europeia dos Investigadores (NEI), 27 de Novembro 2020. Vídeoclip COLOUR “Plantas que produzem pessoas”