The Colour of Labour | Trailer

We are glad to present the trailer of the documentary film “The Colour of Labour: the racialized lives of migrants”

Keynote | UMass Lowell, Saab Center for Portuguese Studies Spring Colloquium | Cristiana Bastos | 3 June 2023

North of Boston: The Portuguese American Experience Beyond the HubUMass Lowell, Saab Center for Portuguese Studies Spring Colloquium 2023 Welcome and Overview by Frank Sousa, Director, Saab Center for Portuguese Studies, UMass Lowell Keynote: The Portuguese Diaspora in Context: Labor, Capital, and Immigration in New England, Toronto, and Hawaii by Cristiana Bastos, Institute of Social … Continued

Invited talk at Harvard History of Medicine WG | Cristiana Bastos | 28 April 2023

Cristiana Bastos will be delivering a talk titled “Navigating Epidemics with Ethnography and Archives: Notes on Methods and Other Concerns.” Bastos is a history-inclined anthropologist who worked with  AIDS in New York and Rio de Janeiro in the early 1990s and from there moved to the ethnographic-inspired study of epidemics and medical practices in 19th century colonial … Continued

Spring 2023 FLAD/Saab Lecture | Cristiana Bastos | 26 April 2023

Professor Dr. Cristiana Bastos will be the first FLAD/Saab Visiting Professor in Portuguese Studies at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, where she will teach the “Epidemics in History” chair in the History Department of this university in the spring semester of 2023, as well as the seminar “Connected Histories: Portuguese Diasporas in a Comparative Perspective” … Continued

EUTopia | Cristiana Bastos – Labour Migration Lecture | 21 October 2022

Learning Community in Action: Legal History transnational launch event Cristiana Bastos will hold this year’s opening lecture for the EUTopia Connected Learning Community Legal History: Labour Migration. The topic is “Across empires: plantation labour in the aftermath of abolition”. The event virtually brought together professors and students from across the EUTOPIA alliance for the occasion. The community includes partners from … Continued

4S Society for the Social Studies of Science | Cholula | 7-10 December 2022

PI Cristiana Bastos participated in the panel “Plantations and Epistemic Imperialism II: More-than-Human Knowledges in Monocultured Worlds” with the paper “Plant-People Commodifications and Post-Plantation Afterlives” together with Deborah Heath (Lewis and Clark College). Ricardo Moreira presented the paper “Situating the collective good from process-work to institutional ecologies: an ethnographical approach to institutional interests in Portuguese … Continued

Aula Magna 2022 Universidade Federal do Maranhão | Cristiana Bastos | 29 Novembro 2022

O PPGHis-UFMA promoverá a Aula Magna 2022 com a conferência intitulada “Antropologia histórica e estudos críticos de império, pós-império e diáspora”, a ser ministrada pela Prof. Cristiana Bastos. Ao se considerar os fundamentos históricos e epistemológicos da área de concentração do Programa de Pós-Graduação em História da UFMA – Conexões Atlânticas, se compreende que a … Continued

AAA 2022 | Cristiana Bastos | 11 November 2022

The 2022 AAA Annual Meeting theme “Unsettling Landscapes” encourages anthropological discussion of past, present, and future unsettlings of the world – be it through environment, power, political economy or through the collective efforts of unsettling and disrupting oppressive structures while building worlds otherwise. While our worlds are defined by nothing if not change, the current … Continued

Film session | Congresso Ibérico de Estudos Africanos | 6-8 Julho 2022

Apresentaão do filme-documentario “Missão Sudoeste de Angola: AFINAL QUEM NOS DEFINE?” no 11.o Congresso Ibérico de Estudos African “Trânsitos africanos no mundo global: história e memórias, heranças e inovações” Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa. Aqui o programma – link