Invited talk at Harvard History of Medicine WG | Cristiana Bastos | 28 April 2023

Cristiana Bastos will be delivering a talk titled “Navigating Epidemics with Ethnography and Archives: Notes on Methods and Other Concerns.” Bastos is a history-inclined anthropologist who worked with  AIDS in New York and Rio de Janeiro in the early 1990s and from there moved to the ethnographic-inspired study of epidemics and medical practices in 19th century colonial Goa, India. She also worked on a micro-history of an early 20th century syphilis clinic and lock hospital in Lisbon, Portugal, and is now exploring illness and healing among plantation workers in 19th century colonial Guiana and Hawaii.  Based on those experiences, she  will discuss some of the methodological, conceptual and ethical challenges of using multiple sources and combining different disciplinary angles.