How epidemics end | Bastos | 23 January 2021

‘How epidemics end’ is a multidisciplinary project based at Oxford’s Centre for the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology and Oxford’s Centre for Global History. It brings together a range of researchers and draws on a variety of methodological insights and experiences of previous epidemics to examine the ways in which epidemics have ended across previous eras and locations.  It will synthesize a range of multidisciplinary case studies that will identify the conditions and methods that allow societies to regard an epidemic as having ended.

The project has more than 40 participants from all over the world. COLOUR PI, Cristiana Bastos has been invited to be part of the project and will present her work on “The never-ending poxes of syphilis, AIDS and measles: field notes in history and anthropology” during an online workshop on January, 23th.

In this workshop, Prof. Bastos will use her previous research on AIDS in the 1990s, archival research on an early 20th-century syphilis clinic (conducted in the early 2010s), and her current research on measles epidemics on 1880s migrant ships and labour migration.