Migrant Labor Struggles in Italian Agriculture | John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute at Duke University | Irene Peano | 22 January 2020

The John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute at Duke University presents “Migrant Labor Struggles in Italian Agriculture”

In the last few years, organizing efforts have multiplied around migrant labor in Italian agriculture. Combining militant investigation and participation in struggles and strikes, activist scholars have addressed such crucial questions as the living conditions of migrants in “ghettos” and labour camps, the transnational composition of the labor force, working conditions in the fields, and the intertwining of global commodity and care chains.

On January 22, 2020, Irene Peano will present her work based on the paper “Emergenc(i)es in the fields: Affective composition and counter-camps against the exploitation of migrant farm labour in Italy” (2016)

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