AAA-CASCA 2019 | November 20-24, 2019 | Vancouver

Changing Climates: Struggle, Collaboration, and Justice
A joint Canadian Anthropology Society and American Anthropological Association conference

November 20-24, Vancouver


“Changing Climates / Changer d’air”: AAA and CASCA are collaborating for the first time to host the 2019 Annual Meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Executive Program Committee invites anthropologists and their collaborators to examine how we engage with communities around issues of change over time, including climate change, to envision and build a more equitable future. In this sense, “climates” signals the contexts in which we work: environmental, social, and political climates, as well as climates for research, for inclusion and equity, and for teaching. “Climates” also points to anthropology’s holistic approach, which connects systemic elements and can illuminate shifting relationships, conflicts, and opportunities.

Click here for full English description: “Changing Climates”.


Panel: Skin Deep: Struggles over the social meanings and changing materialities of human body’s lining

Cristiana Bastos (PI The Colour of Labour, ICS-University of Lisbon) 
Chiara Pussetti (PI EXCEL, ICS-University of Lisbon) 

Lenore Manderson (University of the Witwatersrand) 


Poxed, Cursed, Locked, Redeemed: The Changing Climates of Knowledge, Power and Struggle over Skin-Inscribed Pathologies
Cristiana Bastos (PI The Colour of Labour, ICS-University of Lisbon) 

Anatomy of the Skin: Biotechnologies of Authenticity in Changing Biopolitical Climates 
Francesca De Luca (ICS-University of Lisbon) 
co-author: Maria Concetta Lo Bosco (ICS-University of Lisbon)

Vulnerable, Intractable, Pathological Skin: The visceral biopolitics of experimental facelifts and skin implants 
Alvaro Jarrin (College of the Holy Cross)

Skin of Distinction. New Forms of Body Capital in Post-colonial Portugal 
Chiara Pussetti (PI EXCEL, ICS-University of Lisbon)  

Lenore Manderson (University of the Witwatersrand)