Forced labour and migration | July, 15-17 2019 | Fiji

Forced Labour & Migration: Past, Present & Future
Global Girmit Institute
July, 15-17 2019, Laukota, Fiji


This trans-disciplinary conference will focus on two forms of post-slavery forced labour: Pacific Labour trade Blackbirding, and the Indian Indenture system. The conference will bring together national and international scholars and social justice activists to share research insights on various aspects of post-slavery forced labour. Objective: The primary objective of the conference is to facilitate discourse on all aspects related to Pacific labour trade and indenture labour trade, with specific focus on the creation of contemporary societies in countries impacted by these trades. The conference aims to create a dialogue between scholars from different disciplines: To explore the connections between displacement of people through Pacific and Indian labour migrations, and their significance for the present day To provide an interdisciplinary forum to discuss the influences behind forced labour trade To provide an interdisciplinary forum to find solutions to forced labour as a humanitarian crisis To strengthen global efforts to end forced labour in the present day.

The Colour of Labour’s team will attend the conference with the following presentations:

Cristiana Bastos (PI), “Remember the bango: The unequal labour force in hawaii’s sugar plantations”

Nicholas Miller, “Contracts and Blackboards: Comparing Portuguese and Islander Indentured Labour Migration to the Kingdom of Hawai‘i, 1878-1893”