SANA+SUNTA Conference | Puerto Rico | May 2-4, 2019


The SANA + SUNTA Conference (2-4 May 2019, San Juan, Puerto Rico) is themed as Positive Futures and it brings together attendees who will come together to explore the spaces, practices, thoughts, and senses through which positive futures are elaborated, sustained, improvised or reworked.

More than a year and a half after the human-made disaster of Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, the conference organizers invite proposals for panels, papers, presentations, art installations, or creative projects that examine, challenge or expand on the conference theme. Original or unconventional forms of presentation or experimental panel formats are especially encouraged. We also welcome graduate students to present their work at any stage and will offer opportunities for students and established scholars to collaborate.


PI Cristiana Bastos was invited chair of the panel session “Telling Stories: Narration, Voice and Futurity” and presented the paper “Postponing The End of the World: Making Futures While Imagining the Past in Plantation and Migration Memories”