SHOT 2018 | Marta Macedo | 13 October 2018

Our team member Marta Macedo will participle in the roundtable “Moving Crops And The Scales Of History” at the Annual Meeting of the Society for the History Of Technology, 11-14 October 2018, St. Louis, Missouri (Usa)

The Society for the History of Technology (SHOT) was formed in 1958 to encourage the study of the development of technology and its relations with society and culture. As an interdisciplinary organization, SHOT is dedicated not only to the history of technological devices and processes, but also to the relationships of technology with politics, economics, labor, social change, business, the environment, public policy, science, and the arts and humanities. SHOT includesalmost 1500 individual members and 1000 institutional subscribers. In addition to professional historians and museum curators, SHOT members include practicing scientists and engineers, anthropologists, librarians, political scientists, and economists. An international society, SHOT meets annually in North America, Europe, or Asia and also jointly sponsors smaller conferences focused on more specialized topics of common interest with other scholarly societies andorganizations. Technology and Culture, a quarterly journal, is published by the Johns Hopkins University Press for the Society for the History of Technology. In addition, SHOT publishes an annual newsletter, and, jointly with the American Historical Association, a booklet series, Historical Perspectives on Technology, Society, and Culture.