Debate | Violência e Direitos Humanos no Brasil | 19 April 2018

“Casa do Brasil”, “Coletivo Andorinha” and ERC – The Colour of Labour (ICS-ULisbon) are glad to invite you to the public debate “Violência e Direitos Humanos no Brasil: a situação das minorias” on the phenomenon of public space’s depoliticization and its impact on Brazil’s democratic stability – poster

Discussants: Bela Feldman-Bianco, Anthropologist, Professor at the IFCH / UNICAMP and pioneer in Brazilian migration studies; Fabrício Fernandes (Bachelor in International Relations from the UFRJ and Master in Political Science from ULisbon)

Session Moderator: Cristiana Bastos, Anthropologist, PI of the project The Color of Labor, and professor at the ICS-ULisbon

19 April 2018
6.20 am

Casa do Brasil
R. Luz Soriano 42