Conference: Migration and Mill Work: Portuguese communities in industrial New England

Migration and Mill Work
Portuguese Communities in Industrial New England
DECEMBER 3–6, 2017

A Multi-site Traveling Academic Conference
Lowell/New Bedford/North Dartmouth/Fall River
Free and open to the public


This unique academic conference incorporated museum exhibits, historical site visits, and thematic talks and tours in Lowell, New Bedford, Fall River, and North Dartmouth, Massachusetts, linking research themes to the living history of the communities under consideration. International scholars and local experts examined the waves of migrant laborers in textile and manufacturing mills, and the settlement and development of early Portuguese communities in New England from the late nineteenth century onward.



The conference is convened by COLOUR PI Cristiana Bastos and research fellow Miguel Moniz as a part of the ERC project  “The Color of Labor: the Racialized Lives of Migrants” in collaboration with multiple local partners in Lowell, New Bedford, Fall River and N. Dartmouth.

Collaborative efforts among the many institutions have developed a special program to illustrate and contextualize the lectures with museum exhibits, historical exhibits, gallery talks, historical tours and re-enactments. The program is spread across Portuguese migrant mill contexts in Lowell, New Bedford and Fall River, with site visits in each location and talks in museum galleries and archives helping to illustrate the presented research.


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